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Paisley Underground Revisited

It seemed like a pipe dream, one of the impossible variety, something nice in theory but impossible in the real world. But a flurry of emails between members of the Bangles, The Three O'Clock, Rain Parade and those of us in the Dream Syndicate turned into two nights of Paisley Underground revisited fun at the Fillmore in San Francisco and Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

The show was the same lineup of a classic gig at the Music Machine back in the summer of 1982, one that I've always thought of as the live epicenter of the groovy scene we had back then and it was so nice to find that everyone was still making great music, getting along so well and open to whatever it took to make a memorable evening for both the fans who attended and the various bands as well.

I'm glad that so many of you were able to attend the shows and, for the rest of you, here is our entire set from the Fonda as well as a clip from the all-star jam encores. Paisley Underground Lives!

Los Angeles, California

The Dream Syndicate

Full Show

The Dream Syndicate

Encore Velvets cover

Dream Syndicate in the news

The Dream Syndicate

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland recently printed an interview with Steve:

"I'm really proud of the Dream Syndicate and our role in music history," he says. "It makes me think it's a shame if someone hadn't seen us. But it would also a shame is someone would see us and say 'What was the fuss all about?'

"We did something at the time that almost nobody was doing, doing music with a guitar was kind of a radical crazy thing . ... The nice thing about the reunion is that in the '80s we were trying to evolve and get new fans. We don't care about that anymore. We just want to make ourselves happy, and our fans happy. We are what we were."

The Chicago Tribune also featured an interview:

"When we started the band, Kendra and I had this thing where we either wanted to be loved or hated, with nothing in between," he says. "We wanted to make polarizing music, be aggressive and even confrontational. Sometimes we'd try to see how long we could do a song — 40 minutes, 50 minutes — just to amuse ourselves. Or we'd do ridiculous covers of then-current radio songs. It was just bratty behavior by people who were 22 at the time. We were kids."

Check out both here.

And check out a new one from the Sentinel Source:

"When Lou Reed died (on Oct. 27), I was depressed and stunned," Wynn says. "I spent the first year of my musical life being compared to him, and fighting that, but I realized later it was an honor. It meant a lot that people were getting that spirit out of a new band."


The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate The Dream Syndicate

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